HSBC Premier Checking 开卡奖励前6个月怎么算的?

刚刚开了户, 不过今天刚好月底, 如果要求本月也满足DD要求好像不太科学…

另外吐槽一下手机app, 下载了mobile app以后居然只是用来提醒我回app store下载新版的app, 这个操作第一次见…


咨询了客服, 客服说开户当月不算, 即便是1号开户也从下个月算起


So far没有感觉很渣, 除了IT很差


好像前6月无monthly fee

Monthly Maintenance Fee $50

If your U.S. personal and qualifying commercial related combined deposit balance in U.S. Dollar accounts and investment balance are below the required $75,000 OR your total recurring direct deposits are less than $5,000 from a third party to your HSBC Premier checking account(s) per calendar month OR you do not have an HSBC U.S. residential mortgage loan with an original loan amount greater than or equal to $500,000. For purposes of this disclosure, the month for qualifying deposit accounts is the calendar month prior to the assessment of the Monthly Maintenance Fee. Qualifying investment balances are determined on the last Business Day of the calendar month prior to the assessment of the Monthly Maintenance Fee. A calendar month is defined as the period of duration from the first date of one month to the last date of the same month, and thus can be 28 (29 during a leap year), 30, or 31 days long. For example, the duration from January 1 to January 31. Please see “QUALIFYING BALANCES” section for more information. Qualifying direct deposits are electronic deposits of regular periodic payments (such as salary, pension, Government Benefits or other monthly income) made into your HSBC Premier checking account from third parties per calendar month.

The Monthly Maintenance Fee will be assessed on the second Business Day following the first Friday of the next calendar month. If New Year’s Day falls on a Friday, the assessment is delayed by one week.

You will not be assessed a Monthly Maintenance Fee for the calendar month in which you opened your account. In addition, you will have the next 6 months after the account opening month to meet the minimum balance requirement or direct deposit requirement or the qualifying mortgage requirement before being assessed a Monthly Maintenance Fee.

The Monthly Maintenance Fee is waived for HSBC Jade and Private Bank7 customers.