FLUZ APP可以 trigger Amex paypal credits 吗?

FLUZ APP 用PayPal 并选择AMEX 白金卡,可以trigger 30刀的Amex credits 吗?


好,谢谢。这样每个月就可以很容易花掉30刀的PayPal credits了。

你的100k Amex Business Platinum帖里面的电话要改了,一个号码invalid,另一个号码打了好几次只能给75k. 我用Doc of credit的这个号码成功拿到了100k:

“Called into 855-407-0599, pressed 2, and asked the agent what the current best offer was for Biz Plat. 100K/$10K spend. Agent emailed me the application and I was able to complete it later in the day (auto approved).”