Stockpile撸SUB [YMMV]

stockpile可以用credit card买股票/etf,感恩节活动免手续费。HT:

买了股票后马上出手不就可以套现了? 如果买入后再卖出有时间限制,可以买option对冲风险?


it does not seem worth it. From DoC comments section,

These guys are assholes. If you think you are going to have an easy time manufacture spending, think again.

I tried using them a few years ago to clear a 3k spending bonus and they locked my account when I tried to cash out.

I had to speak to a very rude person in their security department and talk to him for 20 minutes about my “suspicious activity” and why I wanted to take MY money out of Stockpile. As if it was any of their business what I decide to do with my investments.

He reluctantly agreed to unlock my account as if he was doing me a favor, but warned me that stockpile is not for people like me who actually want to withdraw their money on a regular basis.

You’ve been warned.

购买失败, 返回gc首页


这个会被算成cash advance吗?可以选择自己接收的券商吗?

套现不确定, 他家感觉好严格:

今天试了withdraw一笔$50,不知道什么时候到账,希望不要是60 days