Redeem UR For Apple Products with up to 50% Bonus Value (10/15-11/15)

The bonus is broken down as follows:

  • Sapphire Reserve: 50% bonus
  • Sapphire Preferred: 25% bonus
  • INK Preferred/Plus: 25% bonus
  • Freedom cards and the no-fee Sapphire card: 5% bonus (20% on Airpods)
  • Ink Cash/Unlimited: 5% bonus (20% on Airpods)

Instead of each point being worth 1 cent, it can now worth up to 1.5 cents. For example, if you buy a $600 iPhone through the Ultimate Rewards portal, it would typically cost 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points, but it’ll now cost just 40,000 points for Sapphire Reserve cardholders.


其实pay yourself back 1.5cpp也等效了?我还可以去bestbuy之类的买(assuming别的商家有促销)