Plastiq + Paypal Key (PPK) 死了

12.1 更新:彻底死了。

今天尝试用pp key在plastiq上付房租,一直decline。换了五家银行的卡,也删了重开pp key好多次都没用。另外试了下pp key付1040ES税也decline了。联系银行都说是paypal decline的transcation。联系paypal客服没有得到满意答案。这是pp key ms要死的节奏?

过几天再试吧,pp key比较傻有时候自己不给你刷,你可以看看你卡上有没有pending charge

嗯。今天试的五张卡每个都是一个负pending charge接着一个正的pending(credit退回)。pp的activity里都没显示这些charge。




emm 难道我被风控了?? 还是pp抽筋。大哥你key是520593开头的嘛



刚刚schedule这个月底的hoa 目前没有问题
每个人付款有上限的 过两天再说吧


“Upon checking your account, I noticed that you are trying to make a payment for an amount of $X,XXX USD, but it was stopped by our system due to security reasons. I understand the challenge of completing this payment. However, I highly suggest you to contact the recipient and use other payment options outside of PayPal because we have detected that this transaction is risky for your account. There is nothing wrong with your account, so you can still make other type of purchases. It only shows that the payment you were trying to complete was being flagged by our internal security system. I know that this has caused you frustration. But our anti-fraud practices and transaction reviews are in place for the benefit of everyone that also affects accounts in good standing such as yours. We value your business and are committed to your satisfaction. Your security is our priority and nothing is more important to us than making sure your money reaches your recipient’s account without sacrificing your money and your account security.”

請問從哪邊詢問到比較靠譜的客服呢?今天想刷大筆的, 也是各種declined

用message, 都只能得到罐頭回覆:
To provide one of the safest online payment methods, our internal security system reviews every payment before it’s approved. Occasionally, payments are blocked. This is done to keep the PayPal environment more secure for everyone.



根据客服回复,大额消费有几率decline,并且客服没有override权限,建议split payment。

“Well, I was checking some information in our system and I have tried to override it for you, but the system does not give the option to do. However, you can try to split the amount, and try to send it in that way. It could work.”

报个dp:今天试了下paypal key + plastiq交房租或者pp key pay usa tax只要交易总额(含手续费)在3000一下就能过,3000以上的一律过不了(可能因人而异?欢迎验证)。另外pay usa tax注册账号以后好像可以一个季度付超过两次(见图,可能也因人而异?potentially结合最新amex +3 pts多次MS?)

我今天也没刷过,不是大额,只有不到200刀 还是没成功



試著換另一張卡刷Plastiq $3600, 也是不過… 重點沒過還會預扣錢在卡上, 一堆pending transaction, 搞得credit limit都爆了… 還要5天才會消失… 快被氣死